Prayer Room

"Prayer Stations" offer direction for spending an hour in prayer.
Pictured to the left is the "Worship Station."  Focus on the names of God. Find help and encouragement by journaling. Record thoughts, prayers, and promises on the scroll.
 Below, is the "Revival Wall."  We are seeking God for an outpouring of His Spirit that will ignite a world-wide fire.
The "Cross and the Wailing Wall." Kneel at the cross, partake of the Holy Communion, leave your burdens at the cross and your heart-cries on the wall.
The "Fountain."  On that day a 
fountain will be cleanse them 
from all their sin and impurity."  Zechariah 13:1
The "World Church."  Praying for the Church throughout the world, our missionaries, and the persecuted Church. "Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven!"
"Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD!"  Praying for the United States of America, that God would revive us again, and that as one people we will proclaim, "One nation under God."
The "Community Station."  Praying for our community, its spiritual, physical, and social needs, while presenting opportunities to "put feet to our prayers."
 Our "Church Family Station."  Praying for the needs within our own church, seeking God for revival first in our own hearts.  Praying for our church leaders, each of our ministries, and our young people.  Revive us LORD!
Oh, for a mighty cry! A prevailing cry! A heaven-shaking cry! A cry that would make the gates of heaven open! A cry that God’s arm could not resist! A cry of God’s saints knit together in love and filled with holy passion!  Let us now say in His sight that even if He does not please to hear us at the beginning of the supplication, it is our desire to wait upon Him until He does. You still remain hidden behind the mountains, yet we wait for You as they that wait for the morning. But tarry not, O our God! Make haste our Beloved!